Saturday, November 10, 2007

Today was a pretty good day!!..i managed to accomplish a whole lot of things!'s the iternary for my day:

1: Go to Tiong Bahru Market to purchase Bamboo Poles
2: Go to church to leave the items needed for the "Family-Day" preparations there
3: Go to Jurong Town Corporation to pass Tommy the blueprints for my proposed trolley design
4: Go to church to settle the "Family-Day" preparations
5: Go to People's Park to purchase cloth for the "Family-Day" decorations, and lunch for the ppl helping to do deco.
6: Go back to church to continue preparations
7: Go to JTC to finalize the construction of the trolley frame, and collect the finalized product
8: Go to NUS Arts Club Room to meet friends
9: Go to Naga's house with the rest of the 28th, and affiliate.
10: *Crashed* in Home Sweet Home

It felt good managing to finish so much today!...really want to thank some people:
James and Jonathan, for the lunch, and rides to collect supplies, and helping; Jiajun for helping with the cutting and helping out in many ways, and same goes for faith; jiawen; grace; grace's friend; jiang feng; peisong, thanks!!

super tired now...will let the pics speak for themselves..

Cheers and Regards,

Our humongous banner!...note the person on the bottom left of the banner...check out the size of the banner!
How i tied 1 side of the banner up
how the other side is attached
our family day signboard
The worker at Tommy's factory helping me to weld the various metal pipes together to fabricate the trolley for my EG2604 project.

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