Saturday, November 03, 2007


Some updates for today!...well, i ordered 3 more new knives today. The first being a S.R. Johnson Drop Point Folding Knife!..this one will have mother of pearl handles, like that pictured below, but with a slight twist...something special, which of course i won't divulge what it is. Not too sure when it would be ready, but the wait for this will be in years, and not i got a long time to prepare the cash. haha here's a pic of something similar to mine:

S.R. Johnson Folder

Next, i also ordered a knife from Jens Anso, being his "Bastid" folder, and i ordered mine a little special too..hahah...which of course i won't divulge's a picture of the pattern i ordered, but the configuration is different. I love the curves on this baby!

Jens Anso "Bastid"

Also, i just put my name down for another Tom Mayo TNT folding knife!!...yippee!!...haha...don't have pics yet, but yea, u get the idea.. was a fun day spent at sentosa with some members of the 28th Management Committee from the Arts Club...played captains' ball, plus some sea activities...haha...something not so nice happened too, but i shan't talk abt it here....anyway, after tt we went to vivocity for dinner, had pretty nice chicken rice there too!..haha...and yingling and joyce left after tt, while samuel, may, xiaoyan, another affiliate and i left for the North East Outram, Samuel, May n Xiaoyan got off the train to change to the East West Line, and i was just 2 stations away when xiaoyan called to ask us back to go sing karaoke! we went back, and went to ktv from 7+pm till was fun, and i've got a teeny weeny bit of a sore throat now!..haha..was so cold in there though!...luckily May lent me her sweater. Thanks May!'s some pictures!:

The whole KTV-Gang

May & I

That's all for today!

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