Sunday, November 11, 2007


Today's a good day!...the "family day" event went smoothly, and i'm so glad it did! ran out pretty fast too!..which was a good response!!...also, Thank You God, for helping me through this event. Yesterday was a very hectic day, and things went smoothly, thanks! and thanks for the weather too!...a rain might have ruined the banner, but You gave us good weather.As for today, thanks for just keeping me composed on the congas, during the small item we put up. And earlier on, when i had problems mounting up the "signboard", you led me to the 6th floor, and led me to find the spray mount there..which i used to great effect. I was worried abt it falling, but U assured me it wouldn't...and thanks too, for letting the Ramly Burgers come nicely packaged, and not letting it disappoint me. Thanks God!

Well, next up, today Paul and i climbed up to the roof of our church..haha...i know we're not supposed to, but it's somewhere i used to go as a kid when i was waiting for my grandparents to be done with their service. I brought Paul up to the top of the Bell tower too, where the big bell's something you don't often see...and i doubt any of our church members have seen this before till today...

Here it states the name of the company that cast the bell, and the year it was casted.

And over on this side, it states who the bell belongs to. Cool eh?

Ain't this cool?...hahaha...alright..i shall logg off for now...hope the week ahead is a good one.

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