Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I feel so excited!...got new gear to tote!..just bought a new pouch today!..sounds like normal right?...BUT!! this pouch is awesome.. Manufactured by "pac-safe", and it comes with "eXomesh" technology!...huh?! u say?...haha...let me explain!

On the outside, this looks like a normal pouch, looks like it's constructed out of mere nylon. with a pretty normal looking buckle, in black..looks like what the typical fanny pack a tourist would carry on a vacation. In actuality, beneath the layer of 600D nylon(that's one of the better nylon grades in the market), is actually a thin layer of high-tensile stainless steel wires, which encages the entire pouch! so if a pickpocket were to attempt to cut through my pouch he or she would be frustrated to discover that his knife cannot cut through steel wires with an average cable strength of approximately 198kg!!

Furthermore, if a snatch thief were to attempt to snatch my pouch and run off, he or she would be dismayed to discover that the same high tensile steel wire goes around my waist, and is covertly locked to a padlock hidden beyond his sight!...HA!!...and the buckle that is so blatantly seen, is actually a dud!...the REAL buckle, is hidden behind a thin flap of nylon, and similarly, protected by high-tensile steel wire!...=)...talk about the ultimate anti-theft pouch manz!!!

Knives Rawk My Socks!!!

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