Monday, May 08, 2006


An update on the day...I went down to my knife dealer's today, wanted to buy another knife, of the same make and model as my scratched piece, but was told that there was only 2 of them...=(...and the other one was sold. So, I have decided to send my knife to one of the "knife-pimps", as we call them on the forums. Those guys are good at working with Micarta, and modifying knives. Will send it to one of the best "knife-pimps", to get them to sand down the scratches, and to polish it again!...will restore my precious back to the original glory!..=)...I've attached a picture of the scratches..manz...i'm quite good at drawing stuff with Microsoft Paint!..=)

Cheers!...haha...i'm excited abt Pizza tmr!..
dragonfly flutters away...=)

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