Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Just an update on my day..=)...
Had a rather nice day today, woke up at 10:30am this morning, checked my mailbox, and was elated to recieve an email from Bill Yester, who offered to re-condition my AL MAR SERE. He included his address, and hence, after a nice warm shower, i went off to the postal office to send my knife via courier to him. Hopefully I'll be able to get it back before my trip to Paris on 22nd May..=)..

After that, went to pick Weizhen=) up from her house, then we took a cab to Bukit Timah for porridge..=) She wasn't feeling very well, and to be honest, i felt a little bad for having her come with me even though she was sick...(but thanks for being so shang2 lian3 Weizhen=)!=))..Had Taiwan-styled Porridge at this eatery located in the middle of the stretch of shophouses facing Beauty World, (thanks Evien, for the recommendation!), and it was then that i learnt about the differences between Taiwan-zhou, and Cantonese-Zhou...never knew Weizhen=) was such a "zhou" connoisseur actually!...haha...oh well, sent her home after brunch...we met paila on the way home...she was in her mom's car/jeep, Weizhen=) and i were waiting for a taxi by the road when we heard someone calling my name...turned to see, and saw paila in her mum's car waving..haha...cool!

after which, I went to Borders and Kinokuniya, went to look for some books regarding knives, as well as hunt for some knife magazines, found a few i like, and bought them for my own perusal. After which i popped down to Cold Storage to buy some Chamomile Tea for Weizhen=), cos it's supposed to be helpful in relieving some of the sympthoms of flu.

On my way home after delivering a package, it started to pour real heavily!. and there was this taxi that was illegally reversing some 50 to 100metres!!..i had wanted to make a dash across 2 lanes in the heavy rain, and the first lane i was going to cross, was clear of traffic in the road direction of flow from my left to my right, and i was focusing on my right, to make sure no car came, that when i ran, i was knocked by the stupid cab that was reversing!...i NEVER expected him to be coming from my left, AGAINST the flow of traffic!!...grr!!..and thus i fell down, luckily with no major injuries, other then a lightly grazed right knee, and bruising my hip. And needless to say, i was drenched from top to bottom..So here i am now, with a fever and a headache from the exposure to the rain...haiz...i've attached a graphic illustration of my accident...

Oh well, on a lighter note, it's past 12am, 10th May 2006, and it's my grandmother's Birthday!...haha...i'm very sure she won't see this post ever, but anyway, i shall still wish her a Happy Birthday here!!...haha...=)

Think that's about all i'll post for tonight, till the next time i blog, Enjoy life!!


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