Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hi Everybody...

Just an update..i'll be flying off to Paris tonight, for a 2 week vacation, and will be there till the 6th of June. I will definitely miss all my family and friends here, especially my closer friends, like mozzie, joannz, micqsy, eunice, my cells, ben, evien, etc...friends i haven't met in a while, like ah lian, and pongsy!!!...and of course, weizhen=), my makkan kakki, n hao xiong di...=)...okay lah...i think will miss all my friends!!...haha...just that maybe more so for the above mentioned people...yup..

Tis been pretty exciting packing for this trip of mine, as i have never been to Paris before..i've been to other parts of europe before...but not Paris..=)..oh well, pray for me ya?...that i'll have a safe and pleasant holiday!..=)

Met up with Chensi today for lunch at Sakae Sushi, followed by Coffee at Olio Dome today...twas pretty nice, meeting up, and chit chatting again after something like a few thousand years...hahaha...

Friends of mine should know i take photos on film...haha..i'm bringing something like 35 rolls of film there!..more then enough!..haha...i'll shoot some nice pictures for friends at home ya?..=)..

Tomorrow I'll be meeting mozzie for a quick lunch after sch...just before i leave...nice meet up for lunch..=)

Well, i guess i've gotta go sleep already, i will try to update this blog in Paris if i can find a Wi-Fi spot!...haha...i'll be bringing my laptop there!...It's an important source of music, as well as a library of pictures!..=)..seeya guys soon!...

p.s: Thanks Eunice, for sending me off too!...=)...seeya tomorrow!...


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