Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Emerson Framelock CQC12
Emerson Specwar CQC13
Emerson Specwar HD-7(CQC7 10yr Anniversary folder)!!
Christmas Woes!!

Why Ernie!?...why did you have to torment me by putting these 3 marvelous folders up for sale NOW??!!...i can't afford to buy these awesome blades now, after having spent quite a lot of money buying the CQC9, and the ES1-M...sigh....
To my fellow USN-ers, and knifeknuts, EKI has on it's X'mas page 10 CQC12s, 3 Cqc13s, and 10 HD7s for sale...go grab them whilst they last USD550 each, i doubt they'll last longer then today!!

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