Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Hmmz...I haven't had the time to post much recently, too busy with school stuff, tuition, and other stuff..well, firstly, I'm getting in another new knife in...the Emerson Specwar Knives CQC7, similar to the one pictured above, with the exception that mine has the Diamond Logo instead. Kinda excited about this, and currently saving money like mad to pay for it. It should come in around Chinese New Year..and I actually hope that it comes slightly later..like March?..That would be a good time because I'll probably have saved up the money by then..It's gonna set me back by $1,888..with this knife, i'll have 2 models from Ernie's CQC series.(Currently i have a zero-edge CQC9).

Well, some updates on what I have been up to..firstly, school stuff..for my friends, you should know that i'm in NUSS' Arts and Social Sciences Club as an MC member. Currently we have a few programmes coming up, of which i'm in charge of logistics for a particular Bike Quest. We had a recce last saturday, and it really tired me out!..But i guess i kinda enjoyed it.

Next, I've also been busy as my cousin came over from Taiping, Malaysia. She was here since last wednesday, and will be leaving tomorrow..kinda sad too cos i haven't had the time to properly bring her around as i promised to, but i was really too caught up with school stuff and all..sorry Sharon!..

Well, next up, I have been having mood swings again these few days, and sometimes i have really hit some low points again...sigh..some friends might know what i'm talking about..thanks..=)..today whilst watching tv, i came across this quote, which i really feel is so meaningful.."you may not have any feelings for me, but you cannot doubt my sincerity" ...at least, to me, it echoes what i wish i could have said...alright..dun wana dwell on this topic...always makes me sad..like i said, i'll wait..

hmm...k..on a happier note, i'm quite happy with my tuition assignments..for Jane, it's interesting teaching her because we go thru the points that she can bring up in her essays...though i feel a little stressed sometimes cos i fear i may be inadequate..for zelin, it's good cos we're making progress...teaching him how to write proper paragraphs now..for the 3 kids, i always enjoy teaching them...gonna teach jabez pottery too!..teaching them is always one of the core highlights of my week..

finally, last sunday i enjoyed worship, and i was so happy when weizhen=) smsed me to say that my percussion lessons are doing me good..=)..well, i guess that's about all..got to go sleep already..good night dear readers..


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