Wednesday, January 10, 2007


actually i have a lot on my mind..but somehow i just don't feel like sharing i shall just put it down in point form..

1: =( Sharon can't come to Singapore...he Identity Card got broken, and she can't renew her passport as a result..
2: =) Last friday after tuition, I played board games with the kids till 11+pm..haha...that was fun...i shall bring the frisbee over this friday..
3: =O NUS lost a Sociology lecturer yesterday, who died in office.
4: =) Today was tiring travelling to NJC, CJC, NYJC, SRJC, YJC..but twas quite fun to chat with TK..
5: =) Apple came out with a new phone today, dubbed the "iPhone", scheduled for release this June..
6: =) Recieved praises for our Arts Club publicity..which rocks!
7: = Somehow I'm feeling Glum again...and moody...times like this always make me feel less worthy, and somewhat useless..
8: =) I was appointed RAG2007 Deputy Project Director for the "Tech" side
9: = Should be going with Paula to Sungei Buloh this sat?...yes?/no?..
10: =( I really ought to sleep liao...Night..

P.S: Paula, I'm really surprised that you posted a comment as "Paila"...

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