Monday, April 30, 2007

sub-post 1: (about the kids)

Hmm...well, most people know that i'm pretty close to Elisha, Jabez & Paul..the 3 kids I always hang out with..well..they've taught me a lot in life, and i must say i really thank God for putting me in their lives, and for putting them in my life..well, here's my analysis of the 3 kids..

The oldest of the trio, very independent, very self-driven if he sees a goal in mind..(especially during tuition..he will start doing his homework first whilst Jabez & Elisha are eating, so that he can finish it faster, and get to play Halo/Mofunzone/Battlefield 2/etc..pretty much an independent child too, and doesn't really rely on others to draw his strength from. My hope for him is that as he grows up, he will grow up to be a person who will also be more sensitive to the feelings of others, and I hope he will always remain close to his siblings. Sometimes he's a little head-strong too, and a bit rash...hope i could be a good influence to him, and bring out the softer side of him too..Right now he's in primary 6, and there's a high chance that he might go to ACS(I)..that kinda worries me a little..because the trio are really nice kids, and i hope that they turn out to be fine gentlemen in the future as they grow up..just hope that his secondary school experience doesn't change him for the worse..

The 2nd-oldest/2nd-youngest(depending on how you percieve it)...more dependent, but very strong willed..from what i see through tennis. very creative...probably the most artistic of the trio. Somewhat shies away from the idea of having to take charge, and doesn't really like to be put into situations which he doesn't know well. The softest of the trio, sometimes i do sense the angst in him at times, and he has the tendency to keep his problems to himself..doesn't like to talk much to strangers, but when he opens up, he really can talk for hours!..the cutest among the trio too, he's got a smile that has the ability to lift peoples' spirits up. My hope for him is that as he grows up, he will build up his inner strength too, and that I hope i can really be his mentor in the sense that when he has troubles, i hope i would be able to support him, and that God would work through me to help him. of the trio, i really feel he will go the furthest.

My favourite, and it was him i knew the first, before getting to know the other 2. He's grown up, and no longer the baby i knew..long ago in children's camp, he was in my group "Kneecap", and he would run to me and say "Carry me..." in that sweet voice which would just melt my matter how tired i was, i'd still carry him..well, he's grown a lot, but he's growing along fine..he's the strong silent one of the trio. and the one who would follow rules, and do things the "correct" way. still too young to form much opinion on him though, and probably as he grows up, i'd be able to make a more accurate analysis on him...but i love him the youngest brother..=)

A short prayer i have here..

Dear Lord, I pray that you'll keep the innocence in the kids, and that as they grow up in age, they too mature in thinking, and grow in the strength of their characters. I too pray that you will bring them through trials, but walk closely with them, and never let them go...I pray Lord, that as they undergo these trials, they will learn to lean not on their own secular understanding of the world, but to learn to lean on you for support, and to see all things in the beauty of your creation and purpose. Guide me Lord, as their friend, brother, mentor, and that You will always answer their questions to me through my lips. Guide me Lord, to impart to them the lessons i have learnt in life, and let them too see that I have my flaws, and that I too lean on you for guidance and support. Dear Heavenly Father, as the kids grow up, no doubt they will encounter questions and problems in life..which they might look to me for answers. Dear Lord Our Father, i pray that you'd teach me how to respond to their questions, and that each answer i give them originates not from my secular understanding of the world, but on the knowledge imparted to me through teachings of your disciples, through your direct teachings to me, and through the knowledge learnt from my experiencing of trials and tribulations with you as my maker, my guide, and my deliverer. All this i pray humbly in your presence and protectorate. Amen.


p.s: edited to add: Elisha then, when he was in my children's camp group, and Elisha now...=)

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