Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Finally i can blog, and attach photos!!...been having some problems with blogger the past few days!!..well, anyway, some updates on my life..

Last saturday i brought the kids to Science Centre. That was pretty fun..heh..we went to watch "Dinosaurs", and i quite enjoyed the show..Paul & Elisha pretty much liked it, but Jabez found it boring though..=(..oh well, after that, we toured the science centre, played at the "Water-World", and also watched the electrifying displays!..then the kids insisted that i sit on this chair that's supposed to electrocute you, and to see how much electricity your body can take. Well, they had 2 switches, one for "LOW POWER", and one stating "HIGH POWER"...buttt....i think it is intentionally swapped!..haha..after i tried it, Paul wanted to try too, but he pressed the "LOW POWER" switch..and in the end, his was much stronger...hahahahaha..anyway, after that, we had some fun playing around, before we left for KFC, and then to church..here's some photos i took of Elisha that day...

Well, fast forward to the past 2 days. I've bought a new knife, and have been playing with it, as well as having ordered another knife, which i will take delivery of in July..Yay!...the knife coming in July is a custom Tom Mayo TNT in Damascus!!...here's a picture of it..hee..
I also bought a new percussion instrument. It's called the Cajon, and is a Peruvian instrument. Sounds pretty nice, and i can't wait to introduce it in Worship!!..Yay!..Here it is!:)

finally, (i'm a bit tired, and really need to catch some sleep)...This Friday I'll finally get to meet up with "Miss-Same-Birkies"..hee..=)...really miss her...haven't seen her for decades!!...and really miss her voice too...Can i tell you, i simply love her voice...it's just so soft, and sweet..and so gentle!!..and yet, i've seen her "enthu" or "onz" side too, and i really like both sides..=)..."Miss-Same-Birkies"!!...

heh...well, gotta go catch some sleep!!...till then...Night!



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