Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hello!!...haha...haven't really had the free time to blog much recently!!..well, here's a BRIEF update on my life!..

Been playing a little bit of percussions here and there for some cash, and hopefully will have classes starting soon (as in i'm giving classes)...played at Cuba Libre too, but the lead-guitarist who just rejoined is too fast for i take a backseat role...Also pretty busy getting some stuff done for the Church Annual Family Day thingy..just finished a banner yesterday!...see this:

So what next?...haha...i bought a new knife! should be coming in anytime now!...probably tomorrow? that would so rock!'s some pictures of it..made by custom knife maker Mike Obenauf, this is his signature Model 2! Carbon Fibre!..haha..=)...can't wait for it to's how it looks like:

Oh, finally, the most fun thing! i brought 4 boys out!...haha...Elisha, Jabez, Paul, Daniel Gan..we went blading at east coast park, followed by sitting the Viking Ship!..hahaha...and i told them my puking story's some pix!: (so glad that they enjoyed themselves!!)

First: Some pictures of Elisha and Daniel Gan

more pictures of the 2 of them smiling away...

And here's Paul and Jabez!

Glad you boys had fun!!..and Thank YOU God!...for granting us such an awesome weather...

Cheers and Regards,

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