Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Haven't blogged much recently...been a little busy actually...with school term essays, with projects, and some arts club activities which i was helping out with. But i got some new stuff!..hahaha...some posts back i posted pics of my latest blade score, well, i tuned my Obie a little. the action's glass-smooth now, and i polished the bolsters a little, and i think they look better now..the Carbon fibre handles were polished a little too, and i quite like the looks of it now..here's some pics of it.

Also bought 2 new torx-head drivers for disassembling / assembling my Obie(seen in the picture accompaning my Obie)..pretty expensive though, they cost S$10 each..but i guess it's a worthwhile investment. At least i won't bugger up the screws.

Got a book too!...my aunt's a saint...she often brings me to kinokuniya, and basically will pay for my purchases there. So i got this book on the 9-11 event, and it also talks about the build-up to the event. She also got me this cd "Grandes De La Musica Cubana - Guantanamera" from Spain, and a shirt from Spain too..pretty cool!..the shirt's in the wash, so i can't post a pic of it..haha
and finally!...my first Havaianas...hahaha...love them...they look funky...hahaha...and all my friends give me a funny look becos its "not me"...hahah

Hahaha...that's all for now!..

Cheers and Regards,

p.s: Welcome back Bulus!, and stay safe, Angeline!

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