Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some toys that are coming my way!:

I've been busy too!...hahaha...ordered a folder from this Polish knifemaker, and the cool thing is that he builds his knives with just basic hand-tools!!..Something you don't see often in this world where the CNC (Computer-Numerically-Controlled) machines basically cut everything out for the knifemakers...Can't wait for this fella to come in!! this should be in by december 07 i think..

Size in the Hand
Hand Filed Blade Spine Texturing
Hand Filed backspacer


Also, i just ordered another knife from a knifemaker in Missouri. I think it would look good as a tactical companion to my Custom Koji Hara Takezo bamboo folder!..and this beauty has a drop-dead-gorgeous HAMON!!!...wow!!...a folding knife with a HAMON!!...that's rare!..can't wait for this to come too!...this would take a few months to materialize too! Check out the pictures!!

A pic of the "Bamboo Folder" in hand..a handful of titanium and 1095 goodness!

Finally, the backview!


Also...hahaha...i know i've already ordered 2 knives, but i ordered another 2 more...but these are slated for delivery in DEC 2013. These are 2 full dress Fraley Torrents, and i don't have pictures of the 2 i ordered, in the *Special* configuration i ordered them in, (mine's a pair, 1 with Mother Of Pearl Handles; and one with Stag Scales) well, here's a pic of how they should look similar to:

That's all for today..hahah
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