Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yay!!!...Got this lovely knife today!...much thanks to "Ziggy" and "Spyken" from the CK&G forums!...haha...it's much bigger than i thought it would be, but that doesn't matter because i love big knives!!..
Well, the blade's well centred, and doesn't seem to have any observable play in all 4 axes. I also like how Mike Obenauf has contoured the carbon fibre scales, so they're nice to hold. weight-wise this is a rather hefty knife, and its presence in the pocket is definitely noticeable. Kinda like the fact that it is tip down too because this means i can safely clip it to either pocket, thus making it more ambidextrous. Well, I'll post a better review on my other blog after i've gotten to edc'ing it for a while...but for now here it is:
Artist: Mike Obenauf (USA)
Model: M2 (Large)
Blade Steel: S-30V
Handle Materials: Titanium bolsters on Carbon Fibre Scales
Locking System: Liner Lock
And here are the pics:

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