Thursday, February 07, 2008


A very happy Chinese New Year to all my friends...hmm..this year was pretty good, recieved something like half a grand in Ang Pows, and this money shall go towards funding my upcoming knife purchases. I have almost US$20,ooo+ worth of blades coming in this first half of the year alone, and thus i have to save up to pay for them. Putting some of my own pieces from my collection for sale too!...Here's some pictures of the few knives which are coming the soonest:

First up, here's a custom Folding Hunter by Custom Knifemaker Bob Dozier in A2 steel, and Ivory handles.

Next up, here's a Bolstered CQC-9 folder by Custom Knifemaker Ernest Emerson(Ernie)

Next up, we have a picture of something similar to a folder I ordered from one of the top Knifemakers in the World, S.R. Johnson(Steve)And here's a "Work-In-Progress" picture of how the knife pictured above looks like now. Thanks Steve!

Here, I also have a picture of a special folder which i have coming in, on order something similar to this, made by reknowned Knifemaker Michael Walker, and engraved by his wife Patricia Walker.Last but not least, I also have incoming an Emerson Collectors' Association Limited Edition ECA Persian folder. It features a hand-ground Zero-Edged Blade, with a Production body.

I also have a C.R. Smith folder incoming, but I don't have any pictures of that piece, so i'll leave that till another time.

Well, moving was a fun day!. in the morning, i woke up when Paul called me at 5:59am, and got washed up, and went to pick the kids up at 8:30++. My mum was very nice, and she gladly became our transport-provider!. =) (Thanks!). Well, we went over to East Coast park, where we cycled for about 2 hours, inclusive of our pitstops at the Hawker Centre, and it was quite fun. After which, my mum fetched the kids and I back to their house, where the kids got off as they had some programme on after that.

After dropping the kids, i headed home for lunch, and from post-lunch till now, i've been slacking, playing with my PSP, and waiting for some confirmation on whether tonight some of my church frens are onz for a movie (preferably Rambo 4)...haha...i think i'm gonna rest. Blogged quite a lot today!

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