Friday, February 22, 2008


Well, here's a little blog-update on my life..or rather, just yesterday. Well, after school, a group of us went out to celebrate Xuening's birthday. There was Lynn, Yingyu, Binglun, Aaron, Weizhen, Xuening, and me. We went to quite a few places, had lunch at Meridien foodcourt (KOREAN!!), then we went over to Plaza Singapura Arcade, where Weizhen displayed her amazing talent for "Kung1 Fu1 Guan4 Lan2"!...gosh...i never knew she was so damn zai at basketball...*faints*...haha...after that, Weizhen left for her singing classes, and the rest of us adjourned to walk towards The Cathay, with the intention of going to the Band & Jelly's for a chillout session...and on the way, we had this "tour" up this humoungous and never-ending flight of stairs up Mount Sophia!...*edited to add: EXCEPT LYNN*...haha...

*Here's a pic of yesterday's lunch group..I'm behind the Camera..duh!
Xuening's Birthday Celebration 2008 (Church Group)

After the "tour de la 'stairs'", we then went to cathay, where we bumped into Joyce (p.s: this was the second consecutive time binglun & lynn had bumped into her at the same place, with the same company...played card games, and then we left...and now i have 2 of xuening's phones with me, because she played with the security code on her phone, and it got locked. I managed to hack both the passwords using a skeleton passkey, ain't tt cool?..haha...

*Collection of Nokias*...2 are Xuening's...the rest are some of mine...
The Nokas on me now (a more artistic shot)

*these are Xn's..

Oh, and here's some pictures of the present i made for Xn's birthday. Not pictured here is the sheath though.

The completed knife

Knife In Hand

Reverse Ice Pick Grip


"Sandwich" Handle Construction

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