Monday, February 25, 2008


A short update on the weekend that just passed by!..Went for the Singapore Airshow yesterday with Elisha, Jabez & Paul, and it was a cool show!..haha..i really enjoyed it, and we managed to catch a little bit of the flying display..heading inside, we saw some cool the JSF, the B1B, the F15SE, the AH-64D, the Global Hawk, are some pictures of the stuff we saw there..
First up, here's a funky picture of the 3 of them...Paul was caught by the camera just as he was trying to "bump" Jabez..haha..I love this picture!
Here's the JSF The AH-64D

The Global Hawk

Guess what this is:

For those who know what this is, and what it represents, please keep it to yourself.

The Triad Leader

The Other Triad Leader

The PSP'er

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