Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I had a fun day today..=) firstly, in the morning i had a tutorial discussion in Eusoff Hall with my group mates from my International Security module. That was pretty okay, and after which i stayed in school to finish my essay which was actually way overdue! i was walking to submit the essay, i bumped into another Political Science tutor / lecturer, and we had a chat about blades!!...talked about kris's, about japanese swords, etc. Glad that i know of 2 excellent Lecturers who are blade-afficandos as well!.

After i submitted my essay, i rushed off to meet xuening and her friends for lunch at Dover Market. It was a pretty fun event. Thanks for the "Honeydew Milk Tea" treat!! was the first time i tried this tell the tRUTH, it was quite nice..haha...well, Paul joined us later..and Jaime went like bonkers..haha..i even smsed Xuening saying "Jaymie keeps staring at paul..haha"..well, i just hope Jaime didn't scare Paul..haha..but well, i thoroughly enjoyed the lunch session today. Xuening's friends seem friendlier now too, i guess it's because i've met them a couple of times, so not so much of strangers now..well, see you guys at lunch on Friday again!..

And finally, I just bought another knife..haha...ain't that cool?..Here's what's coming in from a Japanese knifemaker whose artist name is Kansei Matsuno. Here's 2 pictures of the knife..I can't wait till it arrives!!
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