Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hello!.. Haha..sadly, the break-week's drawing to a close..=(..oh well, but this week should be quite fun!'s a little bit of what transpired over the weekend. Last friday, we met up for lunch..It all started when i went to meet Paul & Xuening outside Fairfield Secondary, then after that we headed to meet binglun, aaron, and samuel at Clementi KFC for lunch..initially it was supposed to just be lunch because Xuening's mum didn't agree to her playing badminton, which was our initial plan.

Later, her mum agreed to basketball, so off we went to Samuel's house to play basketball..which btw, was a longggggg walk away!.. Well, nearing the end of the basketball match, we were all like trying to throw in a 6-pointer, and when it was xuening's turn, i said "if you can get it in, i'll treat u to bubble teh"...and she said quite hard...but it got now i owe her a bubble teh. Wednesday ya?..=)

After Basketball, we left, and i took the bus with xuening & Paul, and i went to the boys' house, and it was quite fun...haha...okay, i've got to go to school already!..Ciao!

p.s: to the lunch group, i think we should take more photographs, then we can add them into facebook too!..

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