Sunday, March 09, 2008


hmm, i'm a little bit grouchy my msn nick shows..some people might know why i'm upset. Like MQ said, it's better the less people know, the better. Some people are good at keeping things to themselves, some are not. Some just accidentally tell things which they're not supposed to say...and when they try to cover it up, it just makes it a hell lot worse. PLEASE...i beg u, just make a constant effort to not say anything can?...think before u say anything..i really really regret letting u know. it can really really make it very difficult to talk to the person after that you know? it makes it very very hard for me to talk to the person...makes it feel weird.

Anyway, today i watched the show "water horse" with the church friends, Xuening, Binglun, Yingyu, Aaron, Samuel, Josiah, Joseph, Timothy. it was a nice show i feel..kinda the type of shows which i love to watch. But it made me miss my "baby" a lot..(my "baby" refers to my turtle which died last year. Well, anyway, i still feel grouchy now. guess i'll go take a rest first..hopefully tmr i feel better.

For information, i'm not a very confident guy in these kinda matters, and i get very nervous when things like these happen. I don't want things to screw up before anything even takes my friends, pls help me, dun tease me k?..

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