Friday, April 11, 2008

Hahaha..okay fine...i haven't updated my blog in ages..okay here's some cool stuff that i've got recently..some new blades:
Jim Burke Rockstar

Tom Mayo 2002 6K Stellite (it's the knife in the middle) Tom Mayo 2002 6K Stellite (another one) Tom Mayo 6k Stellite Necker(on its way)

Ernest Emerson CQC9 Kansei Matsuno Loveless Folder Spyderco Toad -Designed by D'Alton Holder (bought 2, one for myself, one for You=))

Swisstech Gold Anodized M4 that a lot?...OKAY lahz...just don't ask me how much i spent..and i have others coming in soon too..pending confirmation.

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