Sunday, April 20, 2008


HT said that in June or May they were bringing the boys to either Tioman or some islands, and asked if i am interested in going along. Of course i said yes!..haha...although the 3 boys can't go for the Church Retreat, at least now i get to spend some days with them!..woohoo!...but that makes it 4 trips to the neighbouring places in May/June/July! There's 1 trip to Batam for the Church Retreat, 1 to Johore for the mission trip, 1 to Tioman for the Young Adults Camp, and now 1 more to Tioman with my brothers!!..haha...can't wait!

Also, Paul turns 13 this August, and i wanted to get him a custom handmade knife for his birthday. Asked his dad about it, and HT says he's fine with me getting a knife for Paul. Sent my design to ask if Pete Carey would do it for me, and Pete Carey says Yes!!...and Pete Carey then asked me if i was OK with him using this design for others. I said yes, provided that i am acknowledged as the designer, and so now Paul will own the 1st piece of that series, and which is also the PROTOTYPE!..furthermore, i asked Pete Carey to name the knife as "Bulus", which is actually Paul's name in Hausa. So now PaulC has a knife named after him!...

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