Thursday, May 08, 2008


An update on today...I'd just gotten off the bus when i heard the sound of a sports car in the distance. Saw a beautiful red Ferrari on the opposite side of the road approaching, and was admiring it when WHAM! the car was turning around a curved bend in the road, it spun!..spinning 180 degrees, it came to a crashing halt after hitting the kerb, and crashing its front bonnet against the lamp post. What a heartache!...such a beautiful car, now a damaged car...See what happens when drivers over-estimate their own driving skills, and under-estimate the curve?...respect the road my friend...Check out these pictures...

See the tire marks?

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[Life is like a dream..In reality, things do not always go the way we want them to turn out. What we desire, may not always be what life destines for us. These unfulfilled wishes turn into actuality in our dreams. Dreams reveal what we want to happen in life, and it is only in dreams, that possibility is infinite..Dream a dream tonight...=)]

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