Thursday, May 29, 2008


Haha...i know i haven't been blogging much lately...been too busy caught up with a Percussions workshop for my church yesterday, and prior to that i had to arrange the rental, collection and returning of various was a pretty okay session...=)..Some people i have to thank:

Paul Chow!..Thanks so much for helping me in soooo many ways..helping me with the moving of the drums on the day and night before the workshop itself, and thanks so much for accompanying me on the drums on the day itself!..and thanks for so many other things!

Elisha & Jabez!..Thanks for helping us on the day before the workshop!..helping to move things, etc..haha..really enjoy having the 3 of you guys all are funny!!...haha & thanks Jabez for bringing ur friend (hahaha...i shan't mention the name i thought your fren was called)..haha!!!..

Well, today i went to watch Paul's tennis match..he played against a Jap guy..and was a pretty good match...pity Paul was too fatigued..=(..anyway, it's uber cool tt u've come so far already!..have a good rest manz!=)..

After the match, we went to Swee Lee with H.T., and then after tt he dropped us off at the shopping centre, where we had our lunch at Jack's Place! was quite fun there...throughout the time there, Jabez was like trying to make us laugh...hahaha...and SOME jokes were funny lah..haha..but sometimes it was our(Elisha's, Paul's, and my) reaction that made it all uber funny!..anyway it was a fun time spent there chatting with the 3 of them, and hope u guys found the food Yummy!..haha...Paul, u always order the same thing there eh?..haha!...

After lunch, we walked to church, whereby we then went to their house..played wc there..haha!...and i ALMOST could have killed Paul for 1 round...but i withdrew too fast!..haha..oh time..=)..'s about all for today!..tmr i'll be playing the Cajon for a performance at Esplanade..hope the 3 of u can come and watch!!..haha...u 3 would be my favourite audience!

Cheers and Regards,

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