Friday, June 13, 2008


Some updates!...Yesterday was a good day!..In the morning i was in church for the Camp Committee Cell Group Equiping session, till around noon time. After that, i went over to the boys' house, where we then headed down together to Safra Bowling alley for bowling!..During bowling, my arms were quite tired, so i took a light 8 pound ball to use, but when i used it, my thumb got briefly stuck in the hole! the ball ended up flying quite a distance in the air before it PLONKED! down on the bowling lane! paiseh can!..EJP were of course laughing their heads off because of the incident..haha!..

After bowling, we headed back to church to meet the rest of my cell group, to head down together to meet Ah Lian=) for dinner at Max Cafe...just as the boys n i reached church, the strap on my Havainas broke!..and since no one had an extra pair of flip flops to spare, i walked barefoot to the bus stop, and took the bus barefoot, till Orchard..Ah Lian=) helped me to buy a pair of flip flops so that i could wear, and she called me when she was at the shop, and told me all of the flip flops there look cute..(*cute ain't exactly what i want in a pair of slippers!*)..hahaha..well, i just asked her to choose one for she chose this pair..which looks kinda cool..haha..i like the way the slippers can fit into the rectangular foam board!..haha...Check this out..Thanks Ah Lian=)!!

Anyway, dinner was pretty good, and affordable too!..=)..after tt i went over to the boys' house, where we played a bit of dota, and played with their french bulldog "Koolock" too..haha..i think Koolock's nice, and i quite like him!..=)..that's about all for yesterday!..

Today, i went to church to do some of my work..cos working alone at home's pretty boring!..haha! the evening, i went back to NUS to help out with Rag...i think the progress's a bit too slow though...and that's a bit worrying...sorry i can't help out much because of travelling..i'll help out with Hard Tech as much as i can ya?

Ohya! i bought a pair of Crocs!..haha..i know many people think they look ugly, but it's uber comfortable! here they are!..=) the 3 boys and i all wear crocs!

Finally, before i pen off..i've got some Knife updates!..recently, there've been 2 projects which i've been involved in..

The first:
Sometime in January this year, i got involved in the designing of a fixed blade knife for a forum (, whereby i designed for them a fixed blade. A canadian knifemaker George Tichbourne took up the design, and made a limited run of 40 pieces of the design, plus 1 prototype. This small batch was sold out pretty quickly, and right now, the CPF knife i designed is all over the world!'s a picture of the knife Serial Numbered #1, with my blueprint in the background.


Of my 3 brothers, the oldest is Paul, and his birthday falls in September!. He turns 13 this year, and as a birthday present, i designed a folding knife for him, and a maker named Peter Carey took it on and built the knife. Peter Carey also liked the design a lot, and requested permission from me to include it as a part of his regular catalogue. Among others, i requested for naming rights, and for acknowledgement of me as the designer. I present to you thus, the "Bulus" folder designed for Paul Chow, and handbuilt by Peter Carey. (Note the 1 (Big) plus 3 (Smaller) holes in the handle?..the reason for them is that it's Paul's 13th Birthday gift, so 1 big hole plus 3 smaller holes represent its dedication as his 13th Birthday Present)..=)

Wow..that was a pretty long post. I shall pen off for now!

Cheers and Regards,

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