Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Just got back from Tioman, and already i'm missing it!..=( was an awesome time there with my 3 brothers, and their family!..some of the parts i enjoyed the most was the snorkeling, the supper the 4 of us had on the rocks out at sea, the wrestling, etc..also, i learnt a new game called "British Bulldog"!'s a pretty cool game..let me see if i can introduce it into this year's church camp!..tried out some cool stuff too, like having Shark meat for lunch, the "Rock-tour" we had of the resort area!..haha..that was a little scary for me, but i thoroughly enjoyed it!..haha!..

On the first day, we had our "Rock-Tour" of the area..basically this meant that instead of exploring via the footpath, we decided to jump from rock to rock (the whole resort area is built on rocks, and so there are many rocks between the various houses!) to explore the area..that was pretty cool!..haha...i've heard from them about the rock-jumping they do in Africa, but i've never had the chance to experience it..till this trip!..haha..

After the "Rock-Tour", we headed back to our house..(Elisha, Jabez, Paul & I shared house number 7A, which was not connected to their parents' house, and their cousin's family's, so it was pretty cool!)..we stoned a while, and played the PSP, until 3pm, when we then grabbed our Snorkeling gear, and went out to sea to snorkel. Saw some cool stuff, and for me, my main fascination was with the Sea Urchins!..haha..

After snorkeling, we had some food at this eating house near the jetty..where the boys n myself ate Ramly burgers(Yummy!), and other stuff...and after dinner, Elisha; Jabez; Paul; me; Caleb went to the rocks to have our supper, and to chit chat..that was pretty cool!'s a picture tt kinda illustrates what i mean..
the next day, we went snorkeling again..this time we took the boat out, where it brought us to a jetty where we could do "Jetty-jumping"(Paul's favourite), and could see the fish in the sea..that was pretty cool!..the next place we went was to this rock where we could snorkel around the rock feature, and see the various corals in the waters there!..after snorkeling we went back to the resort, where we tried Jetty-fishing, and following that, we had BBQ dinner!..after dinner we went back to our room..wanted to go to the rocks to thon, but we were all too tired...i guess tt's why we ended up just staying in our room, playing psp, and snacking..haha..i was kinda sad tt it was going to end the next day..=(..

Well..this morning i felt a little sad that we were leaving so soon..but left with fond memories, of a nice vacation..Hope the next one comes soon!

Cheers and Regards,
a "Chao 4 Da 1" dragonfly

p.s: here's some photos i took..

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