Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I hate girls...girls are heartbreakers...i don't care if nobody agrees with me, this is the internet, and there is purported freedom of speech, so live with it!..."Love is patient, love is kind"...Dear God, i'm calling you bluff on this...if i could re-write that part, i'd say Love is blahblahblah(as the bible says) if it's reciprocated...else, love is just a farce...it's just a cover-up word for pain, hate....

I hate the world around me...and you know what?..i honestly don't give a shit if you disagree with me...if whoever's reading my blog is happily in love, so be it...go huddle up with whichever creature u love, and don't bother reading my blog...it's MY opinion, which you are not entitled to raise your disagreement with.

right now what do i like, LOUD music...the louder the better....maybe Boleros can soothe me, and give me peace again...but maybe not...maybe i just need more pump....

8 years of loving you can't melt your heart...i give up...i'm a loser....i'm probably just disgusting to you right?...i've heard from other people what u say sometimes, and honestly, it just seems you're scared of me....haha...no worries...from today on, whatever happens in my life, don't bother ok...i've been hurt enough in these 8 years..not your fault...just that i was stupid and dumb enough to have fallen in love with you, and thought that someday you'd feel touched and appreciate what i do, and give me a chance....sorry, my stupid......

to my friends, i appreciate the advice you've given to me...along these 8 years, i've lost friends too, and to some, i feel sad cos it's my fault that i lost them...to some, you left when i needed your presence, and honestly, that's when our friendship ended..whatever your reason may be, going to your girlfriend's church...or whatever, i can't be bothered...to those who are still in my life, i'm not sure...maybe you're my friend to stay, maybe not...who knows what the future holds?...maybe you'll change, maybe i'll change...and then we won't be friends anymore...but for now, thank you..

to my 3 brothers...i don't consider the 3 of u as just my friends...the 3 of you are the best...to me, you're my brothers, and i thank God for you more than anything else. No matter what happens to me, no matter how the world changes me, 1 thing i promise you, when i'm with you guys, i'm still the old Junpei..the lame, crazy guy etc....don't believe whatever others say about me...some people have poisonous mouths, and hearts as black as soot...and in front of others, i may not show my true self, but rather put on a different personality, a different mask...but to you, Elisha, Jabez, & Paul, i wear no masks, and i am who i was, who i am, and who i will be...all the same Junpei...

Cheers and Regards,
Junpei, Zhu Pei, dragonfly, Nick, or whatever you call me...

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